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National Geographic Production Credits


1996-2003 Crittercam, Biologist/Producer Greg Marshall
2003 Ultimate Explorer

Taboo Death – TV Documentary, Producer Erin Harvey
2003 Inside Mecca – TV Documentary, Producer John Bredar
2002 True Originals – TV Documentary
Hugh Herr – Associate Producer Allison Weaver
Reza – Associate Producer Allison Weaver
Zahi Hawass – Associate Producer Allison Weaver
2002 Taboo – TV Documentary
Food – Producer Melanie Carlos
Healers – Producer Eleanor Grant
Tattoo – Producer Peter Yost
Voodoo – Producer Peter Yost
Witchcraft – Producer Peter Yost
Marriage – Producer Peter Yost
Drugs – Producer Peter Yost
Evil Spirits – Producer Peter Yost
Sexuality – Producer Peter Yost
Death – Producer Peter Yost
Tests of Faith – Producer Peter Yost
Bloodsports – Producer Peter Yost
Rites of Passage – Producer Peter Yost
2002 Air Force One – TV Documentary, Producer Peter Schnall
2002 In the Shadow of Saddam – TV Documentary, Producer Simon Boyce
2002 Into the Great Pyramid – TV Documentary, John Bredar
2002 Snake Wranglers – TV Documentary, Producer Erin Harvey
2002 Lost Subs: Disaster at Sea – TV Documentary, Producer Simon Boyce
2001 Africa Extreme – TV Documentary, Producer David Hamlin
2001 Kumbha Mela – TV Documentary, Producer Richard Bedser
2001 Beyond the Movie Pearl Harbor, Producer Kevin Bachar
2001 Lewis and Clark: Great Journey West – IMAX Movie, Producer Lisa Truitt
2001 True Originals – TV Documentary
Adam Ravetch – Producer Patrick Mark
David Alan Harvey – Producer Patrick Mark
Debbie & Stone – Producer Stella Cha
Jesus Rivas – Producer Peter Yost
Karen Davies – Producer Patrick Mark
Latika Rana – Producer Nick Gray
Ronis Da Silveira – Producer David Meyer
Wade Davis – Producer Chichi Pierce
2001 Dinosaur Hunters – TV Documentary, Producer Brian Breger
2001 Mummies Revealed – TV Documentary, Producer Amy Wray
2001 Africa Undercover – TV Documentary, Producer Michael Simkin
2001 SuperCroc – TV Documentary, Producer Simon Boyce
2001 Oklahoma Twister – TV Documentary, Producer Leslie Schwerin
2001 Inside the Vatican – TV Documentary, Producer John Bredar
2001 United Snakes of America – TV Documentary, Producer Leslie Schwerin
2001 Man-Eaters of India – TV Documentary, Producer Bruce Norfleet
2001 Man-Eaters of Madagascar – TV Documentary, Associate Producer Andrea Nix
2001 Dinosaur Fever – TV Documentary, Producer John Bredar
2001 Mayday!: Lost at Sea – TV Documentary, Producer Michael Rosenfeld
2001 Reptile Wild – TV Documentary
Cave Crocs – Producer Kevin Krug
Croc Fest – Producer Simon Boyce
Hither and Slither – Associate Producer Hilary Sparrow
Jamaican Rumble – Producer Eric Cochran
Killer Croc of Mondonquillo – Producer Simon Boyd
Morelet’s Last Refuge – Producer John Catto
Nuisance Gator – Producer Simon Boyce
Python Quest – Producer Rakhi Varma
Sacrifice of the Shire – Producer David Hamlin
Snake People – Producer Simon Boyce
Trouble in Cancun – Producer Michael Welsh
French Guiana – Producer David Hamlin
High and Dry – Producer David Hamlin
Reluctant Warrior – Associate Producer Hilary Sparrow
2001 South American Treasures – TV Documentary, Producer Lori Butterfield
2001 Inside Base Camp – TV Documentary
Johan Reinhard – Associate Producer Allison Weaver
Joel Sartore – Associate Producer Allison Weaver
Jane Goodall – Associate Producer Allison Weaver
2001 Raising the Hunley – TV Documentary, Producer John Bredar
2001 The Quest for Noah’s Flood – TV Documentary, Producer Foster Wiley
2001 Angel Falls – TV Documentary, Producer. Lori Butterfield
2001 Arctic Aviators – TV Documentary, Producer. Christopher Kendall
2001 Lava Lake – TV Documentary, Producer Christopher Kendall
2000 Return of the Wolf – TV Documentary, Producer Bob Landis
2000 Hunt for Jaguar – TV Documentary, Supervising Producer Katherine Pasternak
2000 Tales from Belize: Paradise on the Edge – TV Documentary, Producer Richard Foster
2000 Africa’s Deadly Dozen – TV Documentary, Producer Bruce Norfleet
2000 Quicksand! – TV Documentary, Producer Amy Bucher
1999 Building Pyramids – TV Documentary, Producer John Bredar
1999 Kings & Pirates – TV Documentary, Producer Brain Armstrong
1999 Expedition Journal – TV Documentary
Above the Clouds – Producer Lori Butterfield
Map Maker - Producer Kevin Krug
Animals Like Us – Producer Leslie Schwerin
Animals by Design – Producer Richard Stansfield
Bear Necessities – Producer Mark Adderley
Beauty of the Beasts – Producer Jocelyn Hacker
Deep Focus – Producer Lisa Truitt
Dino Babies – Producer Richard Stansfield
Dinosaur Killers – Producer Richard Stansfield
Dog’s Life – Producer Jocelyn Hacker
Eye of the Storm – Producer John Bredar
Face of the Pharaohs – Producer Richard Stansfield
Freefall – Producer Lori Butterfield
Fire from Above – Producer Kevin Krug
From the Horse’s Mouth – Producer Lori Butterfield
Hunter and Hunted – Producer Peter Schnall
Hunting the Deep Shark – Producer David Hamlin
Imperfect Harmony – Producer Simon Boyce
In the Cold light of Day – Producer Erin Harvey
Into the Blue – Producer Richard Stansfield
Kiss the Spider – Producer John Bredar
Last Rites – Producer Richard Stansfield
Leading the Way – Producer Mark Adderley
Lost Mummies – Producer Richard Stansfield
Mating Game – Producer Jocelyn Hacker
Life Through a Lens – Producer Chris Holt
On the Edge – Producer David Hamlin
Pictures from the Edge – Producer Lisa Truitt
Predators in Peril - Producer Erin Harvey
Rising Dino – Producer Richard Stansfield
Reptile Rescue – Producer Michael Rosenfeld
Running the Distance – Producer Francis Delaney
Shark Alley – Producer John Francis
Stealing Beauty - Producer Jocelyn Hacker
Survivors – Producer Mark Adderley
Swallowed by the Sands – Producer Brain Armstrong
Swamp Surgeons – Producer David Hamlin
Tales from Tibet – Producer Bryan Harvey
They’re Good, They’re Bad and They’re Ugly – Producer John Bredar
Tiger Tiger - Producer Erin Harvey
Unusual Kind of Medicine – Producer Leslie Schwerin
Urban Invaders – Producer Jocelyn Hacker
Urban Plaques – Producer Mark Adderley
Water Wars – Producer Jocelyn Hacker
Waters of the Wild – Producer Simon Boyce
Wedded to the Wild – Producer Jocelyn Hacker
When the Earth Moves – Producer David Hamlin
Wild Vision – Producer Jocelyn Hacker
1999 Africa’s Dinosaur Giants – TV Documentary, Producer John Bredar
1999 Cheetah Story – TV Documentary, Producer Alan Miller
1999 Scorpions and Lizards – TV Documentary, Producer Simon Boyce
1999 Frozen Fisherman – TV Documentary, Exec Producer Michael Rosenfeld
1999 Photographers – TV Documentary, Producer Bryan Harnvey
1999 Forbidden Rites – TV Documentary, Producer Jennifer Apostol
1999 Hunt of the Golden Jackel – TV Documentary, Producer Matthew Aeberhard
1999 Africa’s Flying Hooves – TV Documentary, Producer Claire Featherstone
1999 Island of the Vampire Birds – TV Documentary, Producer Elizabeth Parer-Cook
1998 Land of the Anaconda – TV Documentary, Producer Richard Foster
1998 Landslide! – TV Documentary, Producer Kevin Bachar
1997 Violent Planet – TV Documentary, Producer John Bredar
1997 King Cobra – TV Documentary, Exec Producer John Bowman
1997 Stolen Treasures – TV Documentary, Producer Claire Vande Polder
1997 Arctic Journeys – TV Documentary, Producer Lori Butterfeld
1997 Egypt: Secrets of the Pharaohs – TV Documentary, Producer Amy Wray
1997 Deadly Encounters, National Geographic Explorer – TV Documentary, Producer John Bredar
1997 Death Rituals – TV Documentary, Producer Michael Rosenfeld
1996 The White House – TV Documentary, Producer John Bredar
1996 Last Voyage of the Andrea Doria – TV Documentary, Producer Kevin Krug